Lynn Karidis

About Lynn Karidis... 

Born and raised in Michigan, Lynn has a love of the outdoors and enjoys all that Michigan has to offer: trees, lakes, sand, good food, wonderful people, and culture.
People say Lynn has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh (and particularly enjoys laughing at herself). She also enjoys reading, writing, singing, listening to music, Jesus, hanging around with her husband, playing the ukelele, and goofing off with friends. And did I mention how much she likes chocolate (and guacomole)?

Her passion in life is to help others to “know and grow.” She loves to engage in ministry that enables others to know Jesus personally and then grow in that relationship. To that end, Lynn has served as a retreat speaker, workshop leader, Bible teacher, professor, spiritual director, devotional writer, and songwriter.

Lynn has enjoyed three careers, the first in retail management, the second in higher education (where she has served as an administrator and faculty member), and the third in a Christian non-profit where she currenly serves as a spiritual care coordinator. To prepare for these endeavors, Lynn has earned two bachelor degrees, a masters degree, and a doctor of ministry degree.

In her spare time, she writes songs with her husband and performs as part of the band Karidia. She also writes for publication and her work has appeard in a variety of publications including:
►Alive Now
Christianity Today (letter to the editor)
►The Secret Place
►The Upper Room

►The Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch
►The Shelby-Utica Patch

You may contact Lynn at